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Milene Darnis,
Product Manager @Heap

Milene is a data engineer turned product manager who’s worked at some of the biggest names in the bay with Uber and Heap. Her passion for linking data to concrete business problems and modeling core datasets led her to build Uber’s Databook: a centralized platform to understand the company’s Data ecosystem.

How to scale
#Customer Experience

Martin Duhamel,
Head of EMEA Customer Growth @Front

Martin is Head of EMEA Customer Growth and works closely with sales and customer success to deliver a seamless customer journey, at scale. He shares how Front designed a scalable customer experience at each stage of the funnel to drive new revenue and revenue expansion.

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#Product Design

Julien Zmiro,
Product Designer @Intercom

Julien is a Product Designer at Intercom, where he helps shape the way companies and their users interact. Before that, he worked on products like PayPal and Photobox. In this talk, he shares his vision on how Product Design teams can keep being successful while the business is scaling.

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Guillaume Cabane,
VP Growth @Drift

He's back: "G", VP Growth at Drift and formerly VP Growth at Segment, shares some of his new experiments as well as the playbook that helped him build - and scale - some of the top-performing growth teams in SaaS today.

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Guillaume Princen,
Head of Continental Europe @Stripe

Guillaume is Head of Continental Europe at Stripe, which he joined in 2014. Guillaume built — and scaled — Stripe’s European operations, keeping two priorities closely at heart. First, laying the groundwork for Stripe’s successful growth in Europe. And second, trying to replicate Stripe’s culture in their European team. In this talk, he shares his insights on how to structure the team for further growth and why culture was essential in Stripe’s story.

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#Product Marketing

Stephanie Bowker,
Head of Marketing @Spendesk

Roxana Siu-Calviac,
VP Marketing @Shippeo

Stephanie is Head of Marketing at Spendesk, and Roxana is VP of Marketing at Shippeo. Before they worked as Product Marketing Managers at some of the most exciting technology companies in the valley (Gusto, Twilio, Zendesk, Intuit, and Microsoft) to name a few. In this talk, Stephanie and Roxana share how to build — and scale — a world-class product marketing team.

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Alexandre Prot,
Co-founder & CEO @Qonto

Alexandre Prot is co-founder and CEO of Qonto, one of the fastest-growing companies in France. He shares his insights on building, growing, and scaling the acquisition, revenue and marketing strategy from day 1.

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Jonathan Anguelov,
co-founder @Aircall

Bernard Liautaud,
Managing Partner @Balderton

We're pleased to welcome two entrepreneurs to share how they grew their startups beyond borders. Bernard Liautaud is Managing Partner at Balderton and former co-founder and CEO of Business Objects (acquired by SAP) and Jonathan Anguelov is co-founder and COO of Aircall.

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#UX Engineering

Maxime Sarri,
UX Engineer @Google

Maxime opens up his playbook on how to use code to build storytelling, at scale. In this talk, he shares some tips on how engineers can build interfaces that empower meaningful experiences.

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#tech teams

Stan Polu,
Software Engineer @Stripe

Stan shares his experience on how Stripe built a world-class tech team, and shares his insights on how others can follow in their tracks.

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Liam Boogar,
Head of Brand Strategy @MadKudu

Liam opens his playbook on scaling brand and shares his insights on how company, product, and business can (and should) work together to create a distinct identity and lay the foundations for creating a brand users will love.

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#Customer Support

Jonathan Lefèvre,
Head of Customer Experience @Captain Train

Jonathan’s obsession with excellence in customer service led to the rapid growth of Captain Train. Setting out processes to scale their operations throughout the company’s rapid growth, Jonathan shares his insights on how to instil a culture of over-delivering for customers and successfully growing that culture into a pillar of any company.

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#product growth

Maxime Berthelot,
Product Growth @Buffer

Maxime shares how he set up the Product Growth operation at Buffer and how a product team can — and should — work on developing user acquisition, activation and retention.

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#Data Ops

Romain Dardour,

Romain is co-founder of Hull and a mentor at TechStars. His tip for scaling businesses to get the most out of their data: keep it simple.

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Malthe Sigurdsson,
Head of Design @Stripe

Malthe leads design at Stripe, a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. In short, his team optimizes how all Stripe products look and feel.

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#User Engagement

Dominique Mangiatordi,

Coming at user engagement through the prism of gamification, Dominique has built his insights into a startup studio which creates B2B apps helping teams leverage better engagement and drive better results.

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Don Goodman-Wilson,
Head of Developer Relations @Sqreen

Don was on the ground the day Slack’s security was breached, and shares some of the insights scaling startups need to handle the inevitable: getting hacked.

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Stan Massueras,
Sales Director @Intercom

Delving into traffic generation, lead conversion, and user activation, the Intercom team explain how growing startups can make the different steps of the customer journey work together as a whole — and kickstart further growth.

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Gaëtan Gachet,
VP Sales @Algolia

From bootstrapping their first outbound sales campaigns to building a sales team, Gaëtan explains how sales teams can scale their efforts to make a product #1 on its vertical.

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Alexandra Brun,
Talent & Culture @Stuart

Alexandra shares the key steps to bringing — and retaining — the team that will help scale your business.

How to scale

Guillaume Cabane,
VP Growth @Drift

A self-described “mad scientist”, Guillaume is one of the most creative minds in Growth Marketing today. He is proud to present his latest hacks and mindsets to successfully deliver personalized marketing at scale, and jumpstart growth through high-tempo testing.

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Maxime Prades,
VP Product @Algolia

Looking back on his experience, Maxime delivers the best-practices and mindsets that made Zendesk's growth sustainable from a product point of view.

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Florian Jourda,
Advisor @Bayes Impact

With a strong focus on management, Florian reveals the key mindsets and best practices to scale engineering in a booming startup.

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Organized by eFounders, Scale is a series of master classes by the leading minds in the industry to help founders scale. Subscribe to be notified of new events, videos, and key takeaways.